Drain Tile Installation, Repair, and Replacement in Victoria, BC

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    Your local provider of the best drain tile installation, repair, and replacement services in Victoria, BC.

    A properly functioning perimeter drain plays a crucial role as your primary defense mechanism to prevent water damage to your home’s foundation. By proactively addressing potential issues before water intrusion problems occur, you can keep your property safe. At SIDT, we offer specialized drain tile installation, repair, and replacement services. Our team of expert professionals is dedicated to ensuring the structural integrity of your home.

    What We Do

    Expert Drain Tile Inspection

    Our expert technicians perform a thorough inspection of your drainage system. Leveraging advanced technology, we perform a detailed evaluation of your perimeter drain’s condition, identifying any potential problems that may lead to water damage.

    Professional Drain Tile Cleaning

    At SIDT, we conduct meticulous cleaning to guarantee superior drainage performance. By eliminating obstructions such as debris, sediment, and blockages, we not only restore proper water flow but also prevent any future issues that may arise.

    Drain Tile Repair

    Should our inspections reveal any damages, our specialized team responds promptly and efficiently to repair the impacted areas. From sealing leaks to replacing damaged pipes, we handle every task with precision and care.

    Drain Tile Replacement

    When faced with outdated or irreparable perimeter drains, we’re here to replace them. We install premium, long-lasting drainage systems engineered to safeguard your home for years to come.

    Perimeter Drain Installation

    Properties lacking efficient perimeter drainage receive tailored solutions designed to address their unique requirements. Our team conceptualizes and implements effective drainage systems customized to suit your property perfectly.

    Complete Site Restoration

    After any installation or repair work, SIDT’s commitment to excellence includes returning your property to its original condition. We guarantee minimal disturbance to your home by carefully backfilling any excavations and meticulously restoring your landscape to its original state.